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Kanye’s  hint to the media that Pusha T may be dropping anther song today was correct, as King Pusha drops a head nodding song called “Number on the Boards”.  Personally, I am not a huge fan of this one as it doesn’t come near to the material seen on his latest mixtape, “Wrath of Caine”‘; but it is worth a listen.

Download Pusha-T's Wrath of Caine Mixtape

The highly anticipated mixtape, Wrath of Caine, has finally dropped.  A few hours late from the original release time, fans were starving for some excellent Pusha-T.  And of course, the G.O.O.D Music rapper lives up to the expectations of the fans, or perhaps even surpasses them!!  In my opinion, such a quality mixtape should be considered rather as an excellent EP filled with 11 incredible tracks.  Pusha-T being in the game for a good 2 decades, surprises many how he can create such hype for a mixtape.   Pusha-T enlists Rick Ross, French Montana, Wale, Andrea Martin with beat productions by The Neptunes, Southside and more.  Each and every song is filled with ferocious, no-nonsense lyrics from Pusha, helped by some excellently boisterous beats made by the best in the game currently.  Be reminded, this is only a warm up for Pusha T.  He had said in late 2012 that he would be dropping an album in the future days of 2013.  Words cannot describe how exciting and game changing this album of his will be.  Stay tuned for some more G.O.O.D Music, but in the meanwhile check out the mixtape below.  Downloading it is a must.

WrathOfCaine1-600x602Who knows how to make his music sound new and innovative every time, even when the artist has been around for a good 2 decades?  Sounds impossible, but someone has done it.  Who has been able to stay at the top of the rap game for the past two decades, and can get an incredible amount of anticipation for his coming mixtape?  The one and only, Pusha-T. The G.O.O.D Music rapper dropped another single off of his mixtape, Wrath of Caine, (to the delight of many fans) called Millions.  Flanked by MMG member Rick Ross, they created an excellent, boastful song that got me really excited for his tape that has no certain release date.  Fans are not too worried, sensing that it will drop soon with the release of the trailer to his mix tape.  The brief clip starts with a shot of Ronald Reagan as Millions begin to play in the background.  It thens shifts t various drug scenes, hence the album cover which depicts the album title caked in cocaine powder.  Check out the trailer and the song below and get ready for an excellent year for Pusha T.

G.O.O.D Music member, Pusha T gives us another raw song to digest, Pain. Sadly, Pusha T teams up with one of the worst rappers in the world, Future, who murmurs some incomprehensible words as a chorus. Aside from the terrible chorus, the beat has a solid, G.O.O.D Music produced beat that molds perfectly with Pusha T’s voice. A brilliant song produced by great talents, Kanye and No I.D, it is the first single that will be featured off of Pusha T’s future album. His album will be something to look forward as his appearances on G.O.O.D Music songs have been enjoyed and frequent. the new single will be available on iTunes at midnight.

Explicit, vulgar words en coated with a beautiful musical honey that makes us forget of the vulgarity. That is what Cruel Summer , brought to you by only the best has sounded like.  Kanye West, the mastermind in this beautiful creation boasts power and pure creativity and uniqueness.  After several successful albums that have changed the rap game and the music world entirely, he is back alongside his G.O.O.D Music colleagues and other talented individuals, to get the “Album of the Year” for sure, and impact the definition of music itself.  Similar to how My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy a powerful voice welcomes us, R. Kelly.  Already a shine out track, it is only the beginning.  I can’t really make up my mind, whether releasing 5 of the 12 songs featured on this album, was a stupid and disappointing decision or rather an intelligent one, but the common public seems to think that it was a disappointment to have such familiarity to most tracks.  Despite that being said, it doesn’t bring down the evident quality found in each track.  The excellent beats, the features, and the lyrics, the album makes up for such a problem.  Following  “To the World”, “Clique, Mercy and New God Flow” appear, each resonating with power and excellence.  Next, “The Morning” boasts an impressive list of rappers, including Kid Cudi, Common, and Pusha T.  Fllowing is “Cold” and then is followed by the truly impressive tracks, “Sin City” and “The One”.  Following such impressive tracks, is the solo Kid Cudi where he finally raps.  Finally.  Celebrations are due, Kid Cudi is truly back.  After that the song “Bliss” and “I Don’t Like” finish excellently.  The negatives of this album are the following, not all G.O.O.D Music artists appear, the over usage of 2 Chainz, and the little attention paid to Common and Kid Cudi in this album.  Apart from such dissapointments, it is an excellent album, something that only Kanye West could create.